Should I get my PADI Advanced Open Water Certification in Roatan?

Wondering if you should get your PADI advanced open water certification in Roatan on your vacation? If you love scuba, you should! There are a number of reasons why becoming certified as an advanced diver will open the doors to new experiences and adventures. If you’re not thrilled about the idea of ‘studying’ while on vacation, you can complete the PADI Advanced Open Water E-Learning portion of the course at home before you arrive!

At Octopus Dive School, our maximum number of students to instructors is 4:1 and we start new courses every single day!

Keep reading below to learn some of the awesome reasons for taking the plunge and getting your PADI advanced open water certification and some of the main differences between this level and the PADI Open Water Diver certification.

PADI Open Water Diver Overview

Padi Open Water course is the first full certification as a certified diver, where you learn the basic and fundamental skills needed for diving, it teaches essential knowledge and practice of all the skills needed to become an independent diver. The course consists of three sections, knowledge development, confined dives, and open water dives, and after completing the course you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters or 60 feet.

PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Overview

The next step offer after the Open Water course is the Advanced Open Water Course, where you will improve your experience and add some more fun and adventure to your dives. This course includes 5 different Adventure dives, similar to a regular fun dive but you will be fully concentrating on a particular skill and master it.

PADI Adventure Dive Portion

Two of the adventure dives are mandatory, which are deep and navigation, the deep involves going to a maximum depth of 30 meters or 100 feet. Underwater navigation you improve your knowledge of the compass and learn how to navigate and orient yourself, finding the boat at the end of the dive. For the other three dives you can choose from Peak performance buoyancy, improving your buoyancy skills and elevate them to the next level, Wreck, Night opens up different experiences after dark, to be able to see different creatures where normally during the day are sleeping and the one active during the day, sleeping at night and seeing coral reef in a new light.

Fish identification, learning about fish families and recognizing them, Underwater Naturalist, knowing about invertebrates, corals, sponges, identify different ecosystems.

Underwater Digital imaging, learning how to take pictures and video with a digital camera, Search and recovery, finding different objects under the water in different patterns. Drift dives improving your experience when you encounter strong currents, Boat diving gives you an overview that helps you dive more effectively from boats.

Top Advanced Open Water Benefits

In the Advanced course, you will gain much more experience, confidence, and much more adventure and fun on your next dives. It’s the best way to continue your scuba life and adding new interests and improving your underwater skills. The course consists in reading the manual, going through the knowledge review with your instructor before each adventure dive. No exams at the end, just focusing and challenge yourself in each dive. Another way to do your Advanced course is to do the e-learning option, allowing you to study from home before your arrival using your laptop or mobile device, and finish your training in the water with a PADI professional once you arrive in Roatan. In this way, you will not spend any time reading on your vacation.

Roatan is a great place to do your Advanced courses because can satisfy any of those dives, we have great deep dive sites, a diversity of ecosystems, varieties of corals, sponges, marine life, amazing wrecks where have been underwater for so many years adding history and story to it, ideal dive sites with canyons, swim thous where you can practice your buoyancy skills, great night dive spots, impressive underwater topography, where you can never get bored. Water temperature is good all year round, where permits us to always dive, with good visibility.

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