Is Roatan Good for Diving?

Roatan is one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean, is the largest of the three Bay Islands in Honduras, the second largest barrier reef part of the Mesoamerican barrier reef.

Roatan is an ideal place for diving, the reef forms a magnificent ring all around the island, with over hundreds of aquatic species, diversity of living corals and sponges. The reef is very close to the shoreline, getting to dives sites can take from couple of minutes to fifteen or twenty minutes to the furthers ones by boat, which is great short boat ride permits us to spend more time in the water. We have hundreds of moored dive locations, with very calm and clear water with excellent visibility at the surface and hundreds feet under the water.

3 Reasons Why Roatan is Good for Diving:

Ideal dive sites for beginners with shallow sandy patches to start and finish you training dives to advanced sites with deep canyons, impressive topography, swim thus, wrecks, deep walls, labyrints, caves and much more. The majority of the sites are amazing for snorkelers, there is for every one.

Another positive factor is the unbeatable prices for diving courses and diving packages. Low rates and personalized courses and dives at Octopus Dive School. We are a small operation, 5 Padi star dive shop, our goal is to take care our customers individually in order to provide great services and share our passion for diving. Check out our prices here. 

Our ocean is protected from the Marine Park an NGO operating since 2005, which patrol the island 24/7, in order to preserve our reef and aquatic living creatures, they are operating all around the island to control the beauty and reinforcing educational activities to locals, divers and no divers.

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