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Want to know our fave dive spots? Here is our must-dive list filled with wrecks, caves, an abundance of marine life and healthy, vibrant coral. Discover our underwater world and some of the best dive sites in Roatan, Honduras!

Introducing our favourite dive sites

At Octopus Dive School, we want you to have an amazing dive vacation on Roatan. That is why we have hand selected some of the best dive sites in Roatan, Honduras to show you. Come experience our amazing underwater world with our professional and fun team.

"We saw dolphins, turtles, eagle rays, nurse sharks, green moray eels and so much more."

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The Odyssey is a cargo ship that measures 30 m (100 ft) in length and sits on a sandy bottom at 30 m (110 ft). The ship was sunk in 2002 to create a base on which the reef could grow and give the diver an opportunity to explore this impressive structure from underwater.

Outside the stern you will see stairs that connect the various levels of the wreck, where a huge quantity oh hydroids live. Once you are finished exploring the wreck you can explore the wall, which is full of marine life.

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Kirsty and Brian, a loving couple that met in Roatán, and are members of our community purchased this site in honor of their beautiful daughter Spencer Rose.  This site provides an abundance of sea life and interesting topography that will impress and hold the attention of divers of any level. The buoy sits at 15-20 ft and is surrounded by soft corals, once you descend on the wall you will see large coral heads with lettuce coral and magnificent barrel sponges. There is a good chance you will see large schools of horse eyed jacks, blue chromis, black durgons and large black coral colonies that go from 60 – 80 ft with a unique swim thru.


This site has something for everyone. There are some very interesting shallows with various caves, one of them is full of silversides during the season. There is a labyrinth of swim-throughs that is challenging even for the most advanced diver.

At this site, a diver is sure to see lettuce sea slugs, juvenile spotted drums, and scrawled filefish.

At 40 feet, the wall drops down dramatically to 100 feet, where it meets a sandy bottom and then continues its gradual descent where divers can take a look at the impressive abyss.


his site is true to its name. Not only is there an impressive topography to explore, but there also lives a huge variety of fish species: red lip blennies, damselfish, harlequin bass, and scrawled file fish. Every dive, you will find something different. Inside some of the swim throughs, you may encounter the green moray eel making a stop at a cleaning station.


This is an interesting site with various levels for a diver to explore. There are canyons, swim throughs, and an amazing wall.

The cavern after which this site is named has a narrow entrance that later opens to a chamber, illuminated by the entering light just above where you will see glassy sweepers swimming in circles.

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This is a great dive site for both snorkelers and divers. The shallow part of the reef lies at 15 ft, you can spot sergeant majors, yellow tail damsels, black durgons, angel fish, butterfly fish and be on the lookout for turtles; there is a variety of gorgonians, there are many crevices and swim thrus to explore.


With shadowy overhangs and mysteriously dark holes to explore, the dive goes through a channel that cuts the reef crest between the lagoon and the wall face. The channel has a maximum depth of 90 ft and in some part sits wall goes all the way up to the surface. On the wall there are many crevices and swim thrus, you can have the chance to see toad fish and scorpion fish, two sea creatures commonly seen. This dive site is considered one of Roatan’s finest dives due to its impressive topography and marine life.

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This is one of our favorite dive sites and just a 5-minute boat ride from Octopus. At 15 feet, the reef face descends slowly to 30 ft, and then falls to 60 feet, continuing down to the sandy bottom at 120 feet.

On the upper part of the reef, a diver will see some deep cuts that run perpendicular to the coast. Some of these cuts are actually narrow tunnels whose walls create overhangs that are sometimes closed at the top. Some of these tunnels were formed by running water during a time when the ocean level did not cover this area.


This amazing wreck is a sunken cargo ship, 200 feet long, siting on a sandy bottom at 110 feet.

From the buoy, a diver can follow the line down to the stern of the wreck. On this part of the ship, at the sandy bottom, you will find lots of garden eels. At his dive site, it is common to see green moray eels as well as black grouper and blue parrot fish.

Around the wreck, the reef wall starts at  90 feet and ascends almost all the way to the surface to 10 ft.

Looking for more dive sites in Roatan, Honduras? Check out the Roatan Marine Park map below.

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