Meet the team at Octopus Dive School

Our awesome team of professional, fun, friendly staff love living and diving on Roatan. We hope you can come join us on our island paradise soon. We look forward to diving with you! 

female scuba shop owner

NURIA - Owner of Octopus Dive School and PADI MSDT dive instructor

Nuria is from Spain. She first tried diving in 1999 in Utila. She loved it so much that she stayed and within six months became a Divemaster.  Then, she left for Egypt to complete her Instructor training in 2001 and began teaching in the Red Sea. Since then, she took the scenic route back to the Bay Islands, stopping to teach in Mexico, Kenya, The Canary Islands, then Utila again. Finally, she made it back here to Roatan, where she realized a personal dream and opened up her very own dive school.

How nuria feels about her dive center in roatan

“Octopus Dive School is my life! Since opening in 2005, we have consistently been delivering quality service and personal attention to everyone comes diving with us. I’m living my dream life here on Roatan and I would love you to visit and share it with me.” 


"I've been lucky to dive all over the world over many years. I have never had a better experience with a dive operation than Octopus. From the moment I contacted Nuria (the owner) to set up a week of diving I was treated as a valued old friend. Nuria is warm and friendly, and most important, accommodating....."

VIRNA - Octopus Dive School's manager and PADI dive instructor

Virna is from Italy. Her life changed when she discovered the amazing underwater world in Roatan in 2012. Soon after, she decided to turn her passion into her job and became a professional diver! She started working for Octopus as PADI dive instructor in 2016 and though she is still teaching on a regular basis, she now also manages our dive shop on Roatan island. Virna keeps everything running smoothly at Octopus and she always has a big grin on her face, especially when she’s just seen something really cool underwater. She’s been lucky enough to spot two hammerhead sharks just recently!

Why virna loves teaching scuba diving

“I just get such a thrill from seeing the look on peoples’ faces on their first dive, when they realize how beautiful it is down there!”

"Nuria (the owner) and Virna (the diving instructor) are simply amazing. Their attention to detail, expertise and care made my son's first diving experience a memorable one. Highly recommend Octopus Dive School!!!"

DIEGO - PADI MSDT Dive Instructor

Diego is from Perú. He studied Marine Biology and discovered diving in 2011 thanks to one of the courses at the university. Ever since he discovered marine life, he was in love. After finishing his dive course at the university, Diego stopped diving for a while but when he picked it up again in 2019 he had one goal in mind… to become a dive instructor. He did all of his dive courses in Peru and dived in incredible places till he arrived to Roatan and felt in love with the island and our amazing reef.
 He loves teaching and is Scubapro certified technician taking care of all our equipment at Octopus. 

What Diego loves about diving in Roatan

Diego likes to share his passion with others in a super methodical and charismatic way. Join the underwater world with him!

padi instructor

ARANTZA - PADI MSDT Dive Instructor

Arantza was born in Chincha, a beautiful town in Perú. Despite studying Interior Design, her lifelong love (the ocean) and her discovery of diving in 2019 called her to the underwater world and she immediately answered the call.
It didn’t take long for Arantza to realize that was her passion. She started diving in a small town called Los Órganos, in Perú, where she became a diving instructor, after that she worked there and also in Bávaro and Bayahibe in Domincian Republic. Now she’s part of the Octopus family.

Dive with Arantza

Come and catch Arantza’s energy and good vibes, and enjoy how fun and exciting diving with her is!

Gustavo - Octopus Dive School's Underwater Photographer

Gustavo is the one in charge of making beautiful memories of your dives. He’s been a professional photographer since 2006 and he’s been living in Roatan for the last 5 years, snapping the best images from our amazing reef. Originally from Argentina, he learned scuba diving in a small town of the northeast of Brazil, Serrambi. It was there where he mixed both passions, diving, and photography.

His underwater photography business is called Deep Photos. He is fully equipped with professional photography gear.  If you want stunning photos to remember your Roatan diving adventures, Gustavo is your guy!

underwater photographer

Why Gustavo loves underwater photography

“I love combining my two passions – diving and photography to capture amazing memories from your dives in Roatan”.

QUINN - Our experienced local captain

Quinn “el Capi” was born and raised right here on the island of Roatan. He has worked as both a dive boat and deep sea fishing  boat captain as long as he can remember. So he knows these water extremely well. He comes from a long line of local fishermen who trawl the deep waters miles off Roatan’s coast looking for tuna and wahoo. When he’s not out on the water at Octopus, he’s usually out on his own boat or spending quality time with his two kids. 


What quinn loves about roatan and working at octopus

“I just absolutely love being out on the ocean all day, listening to the sound of it, watching the birds, feeling like I am part of nature. Roatan is such a beautiful place to be and to call my home. I really like all the interesting people I get to meet from all over the world working with Octopus Dive School. We always laugh together a lot on the boat.”

"Boat Captain Quinn is an extraordinary seaman, and handles the boat with total confidence, no matter the sea condition."

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most experienced dive shops on Roatan.


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