Get PADI Certified in Roatan or at Home?

PADI Open Water Diver certification is the world’s most popular scuba certification.  It allows bearers to handle, use, rent and/or purchase scuba gear, book scuba expeditions and scuba dive without supervision.  Where you complete the certification course depends on a few factors.  You might want to do it locally or you might want to make it part of your Roatan vacation.  If you’re wondering if you should get PADI certified in Roatan or at home, we’ve put together this list of considerations to help you come to a decision.

What Does PADI Certification Entail?

PADI Open Water Diver certification is composed of a tested educational component followed by a series of confined dives, such as in a swimming pool, and finally, a series of four open water dives to a maximum depth of 60 feet.  Certification is open to swimmers who are 10 years and older  that are in good physical health.  Completing the certification process usually takes 3-4 days or a total of 25 to 30 hours.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting PADI Certified In Roatan?

There are actually quite a few advantages to completing your PADI certification in Roatan. 


First of all, Honduras is known for having some of the cheapest scuba diving rates in the world.  Depending on where you live, you may realize significant savings by completing the course in Roatan. 


Secondly, diving in Roatan will guarantee that your open water dives are done in warm, crystal clear water.  Compared to some of the cold and murky conditions found during lake and quarry diving courses in colder climates, this can be the difference between a lifelong love affair or being put off from ever diving again.


You might also consider the fact that completing the PADI course in Roatan will immediately allow you to scuba dive the second largest barrier reef system in the world.  You’ll likely experience things off the coast of Roatan that you’ll never find anywhere else in the world.  Being free to explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is a pretty amazing graduation present.


And finally, you can combine your PADI certification with a great holiday on a warm and inviting tropical island in the Caribbean Sea.  Rather than simply idling your vacation time away, you can actually accomplish something and end up with the ultimate souvenir.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Getting PADI Certified In Roatan?

There are also some reasons why you might not want to spend your time in Roatan getting PADI certified.


Depending on how long you’re staying in Roatan, a PADI certification course may take up a lot of your time and make it seem like not much of a vacation at all.  You should also remember that you won’t be able to fly for at least 18 hours after your last dive.  Packing PADI certification into a weeklong vacation may be too much of an ask.


The classroom-based Knowledge Development part of the certification, which can take eight hours or more, is followed by a final exam which you’ll need to study for.  You may find it difficult to study while you’re on a tropical vacation.  Self-discipline will be the key here.

Can You Get PADI Certified at Home and In Roatan?

An option that may make the certification process easier and more enjoyable for you is to employ the referral system which can allow you to complete the knowledge and/or contained dives at home while completing the open water dives in Roatan.  This allows you to split the PADI certification process up into shorter components and complete them where it’s more comfortable and convenient for you.  And in the end, you’ll still be able to reward yourself with a graduation present of diving the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef! Click here to register for e-Learning online.

Choosing a PADI 5 Star Dive School

When you decide where to complete your PADI open water certification, look for a certified PADI 5 Star Dive School, like Octopus. This will ensure that you are receiving top-notch training from highly-qualified instructors and will have a wonderful experience. The 5 Star rating is awarded by PADI to Dive Shops that have a proven excellence in providing a full range of PADI program, quality equipment selection and more.

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