Can You Scuba Dive During Roatan's Rainy Season?

We often hear this question. The typical non-diver might assume that diving is off-limits during rain, fearing that the water ‘rains’ down, posing a damper on the diving experience. Let’s set the record straight!

The truth is, the weather outside doesn’t hinder scuba diving – after all, you’ll be wet underwater regardless. As long as the weather aligns with PADI guidelines (from sunny and calm to windy and rainy), diving is a go. Yet, avid divers usually prefer fair weather. Nevertheless, there are some aspects to consider when diving in the rain.

Roatan Rainy Season Temperatures

The rainy season in Roatan typically occurs from October to January. During this period, the average temperatures range from around 23°C to 28°C (73°F to 82°F). Humidity is relatively high, and rainfall is more frequent, contributing to the designation of this period as the rainy season. But, it often does not rain all day and night. We usually get some down pours in the morning or evening and still have many days that are mainly sunny and clear.


In Roatan, rainy days do not tend to affect visibility too much. During the summer months,(June to August),  the water visibility in Roatan is often at its best. Divers can expect excellent visibility ranging from 18 meters (60 feet) to 30 meters (100 feet) or more, providing clear views of the vibrant marine life and coral reefs. The sea is typically calm during this time, making it ideal for diving. The rainy season (October to January) in Roatan may experience a slight decrease in water visibility due to increased rainfall and runoff. However, despite the rain, visibility can still be relatively good, averaging around 12 meters (40 feet) to 18 meters (60 feet).

Keeping Your Clothing Dry

Diving in the rain isn’t about getting wet underwater but planning on what clothing to bring for your vacation in the rainy season is helpful. Quick dry, moisture wicking clothing is best and bringing along a lightweight rain jacket may come in handy for when you are walking around and exploring on land!

Diving Can Be the Ideal Activity

In rainy weather, many outdoor activities become restricted. Gardening or sunbathing at the beach might not be as appealing. That’s where scuba diving steps in as a fantastic option.

Roatan is blessed with numerous diving sites, making it possible to dive regardless of weather conditions. In case a northerly wind hits during your Roatan diving vacation, and diving from West Bay, West End or Sandy Bay isn’t advisable, we opt for Roatan’s South Shore which provides shelter from rough seas and strong winds, ensuring a dive in calmer conditions.

Better Deals

Rainy season is also low season in Roatan, meaning divers can often get better rates at hotels and many restaurants, bars and tourist attractions are not packed with high-season travelers. Many avid divers actually prefer coming to Roatan during the rainy season as it is more cost effective and since they are planning on spending most of their day underwater, a bit of rain doesn’t hinder their vacation plans. 

So, remember, a little rain won’t stop you from diving. In fact, sometimes during such weather, you’ll encounter more vibrant marine life. Thinking about coming to Roatan to dive this rainy season? Send us a message to ask about our diving specials!

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